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Justin Robertson
Justin Robertson also known as The Purposemaker is a colour blind Artist from Fife, Scotland.
Justin works mainly in a Pop Art style with Acrylics on canvas but also covers a wider variety of media and subject matter.

At present Justin's talent is in high demand, basically getting commissioned on a monthly basis.
He is also renowned for his unique take on iconic musicians, film and world events which he paints in his own unique Pop Art style.
Justin studied at Glenrothes college where he achieved an HNC/HND in Art in Design.
During his time at Glenrothes college Justin was heavily influenced by his figure and life tutor Scottish Artist Ian Mcleod. Ian Mcleod would go round the class during figure and life aiding other students but when he came to Justin he would rarely have any teaching to advise him on, it was mainly complements on his work.

Justin Feels that Ian has been a major factor in shaping his Artistic style because it was him that advized Justin to try painting and to experiment with colour although Justin was affraid of colour due to being colour blind and the fact he may get embarrassed from getting colours wrong. He also taught Justin to be patient and always analyze things, like the human body and anatomy and to always take a step back from works and think when they were not going to plan.

Justin then went on to study a BA in computer arts at Abbertay university but was strongly advized by Ian Mcleod to pursue Fine Arts at university rather than computer Arts and he was right.
During his time at university studying computer Arts, Justin became more involved in the traditional Art scene rather than Digital Art and started painting and focusing on traditional Arts more than the digital side of Art.
His 1st painting was a painting of Jim Morisson from the band The Doors which Justin now feels opened up the doors to him being a traditional painter, very ironic.
Justin soon started painting more and more using black and white and contrasting colours using Acrylics on canvas.

Justin eventually put computer Arts behind him and focused solely on Traditional Arts in 2005 and has been a Traditional Freelance Artist ever since. He is also becoming more confident with colour and experiments regularly on trying to create various skin tones and real life and real world colors which he hopes to use in future paintings.

Please enjoy his works and for those who are colour blind, just remember that this doesn't have to be a set back as an Artist or an obstacle, use it to your advantage as it will always make you different form other Artists and make you stand out from the crowd.
A Love from Outer Space
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